Successful banks have a strong reputation. And sometimes two names are better than one

Hauck & Aufhäuser is a private bank with a very long tradition. Our roots lie in the banking houses founded in Frankfurt and Munich by Friedrich Michael Hauck in 1796 and Heinrich Aufhäuser in 1870. Based on the tradition and values of our founders we believe that our care, trustworthiness and skills are easily recognisable long before you entrust your assets to us. This is because we take one particular aspect of work extremely seriously: one-to-one discussion. This creates the basis for a long-term, trusting relationship and highlights the differences between a simple sales pitch and true consultancy. From a position of absolute independence – our capital is exclusively in the hands of private individuals –, we do our best to understand your unique situation, your concerns and objectives as clearly as possible in order to come up with an appropriate, customised, turnkey solution.

Our perspective of banking can only be found among private bankers who are independent to external corporate pressures and influences. As personally responsible partners, we vouch for what we do with our very name. No matter which new challenges the modern-day financial world may bring, nothing will change our traditional commitment to quality and care.

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